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Changing times can raise the anxiety level of even the most experienced business operator. Unexpected as well as expected events, ranging from unusual economic hardship to rapid growth, can often threaten the competitiveness of even the healthiest business.  While frustration and new problems become obvious, the solutions may not.

Our Approach

We are a public accounting firm specializing in consulting with respect to business planning and business process development. Our focus is the retail industry in the areas of merchandising strategy, space management, and assortment & promotional planning; our niche is linking Merchandising, 

Finance and IT.

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We are committed to understanding 

our client

We are committed to quality.

We are committed to practicality.  

Our mission is built upon a 

foundation of ethics

Our mission culminates with your success.

We succeed when you succeed. Our mission is to enable you to continue meeting your planning, execution and management challenges of today and tomorrow.

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